Donald Trump's America

The Gilded Rage: A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump’s America

The Gilded Rage offers a sharp corrective to the panicked schematic analysis of Trumpism as another GOP-choreographed hoodwinking of disgruntled grassroots conservatives. By focusing on the Trump phenomenon as a social movement, Zaitchik astutely shows us how Trump’s mass appeal doesn’t stem so much from his person or past résumé, but rather arises out of the same populist discontent that the GOP leadership has stoked throughout the Obama era, without even pretending to assuage it…

Unlike other recent chroniclers, Zaitchik spent much of the 2016 primary cycle talking to people who have come to embrace the fundaments of Donald Trump’s success gospel. [His] close-up portraits of the Trump insurgency … offer up complicated, often self-questioning accounts of [his subjects’] idiosyncratic paths to ardent Trump support. There’s nothing here that resembles the glib demographic explanations-cum-dismissals of Trumpism that are now fashionable among liberals in the Northeast corridor. The overall effect of [these] unrushed, painstaking interviews is to show a Trump electorate whose members—much like the rest of us—are deeply anxious and concerned about their precarious standing in a political and economic order that hasn’t given them any grounds for hope.”
— Chris Lehmann, The Nation


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