Donald Trump's America

Reviews of The Gilded Rage:

The Gilded Rage offers a sharp corrective to the glib demographic explanations-cum-dismissals of Trumpism that are now fashionable among liberals in the Northeast corridor. Zaitchik’s close-up portraits of the Trump insurgency … offer up complicated, often self-questioning accounts of [his subjects’] idiosyncratic paths to ardent Trump support. The overall effect of [these] unrushed, painstaking interviews is to show a Trump electorate whose members—much like the rest of us—are deeply anxious and concerned about their precarious standing in a political and economic order that hasn’t given them any grounds for hope.”     — The Nation  

“If you want to know what really happened in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan in 2016 to vault Mr. Trump to the White House, this book is about as invaluable as they come.”   — The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  

“On Nov. 9, residents of blue districts across the country peered outward with the same questions that had been asked many times over the last 18 months: What had the pundits, the prognosticators and Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff all failed to understand? Who are these people? … Some answers can be found in The Gilded Rage, a book by freelance journalist Alexander Zaitchik that received far less attention than it probably deserved. That last question — ‘Who are these people?’ — is Zaitchik’s jumping-off point for a series of fascinating Studs-Terkel-style long-form interviews with voters who defy easy categorization.”   —

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